Thank you all for the overwhelming support and business during these difficult times. Since we have had to switch gears and do mostly take-out (because of our limited seating capacity). We have to make a little change to help things go a little smoother for everyone.

  • We are cleaning and sanitizing all high touch area's frequently to help prevent the spread of Covid-19.
  • We use hand sanitizer or wash our hands with warm soap and water, between each guest. Or when touching anything that could contaminate our hands.
  • We clean and sanitize each pen between each use for every guest that comes in, we frequently sanitize the door handles, phones, computer screen, and any surface we see a guest touch when they enter our establishment.  
  • We do daily screens of our employees, and require all of our Employees that have Face to Face interaction with guests wear face masks.
  • We have hand sanitizing stations available for all guests.